Acquisition & Asset Management Services

Seller Properties, LLC

Sellers Properties LLC (SPL) is a management consulting service and property management firm headquartered in Waldorf, MD. Our mission is to provide exemplary, proactive, and responsive customer service. Our team possesses a wide range of acquisition and asset management skills. We are laser-focused on finding the best deals to boost revenue and stability in managing single-family homes and multi-family properties.

SPL's highly targeted, cost-efficient capital upgrades allow us to rent and manage renovated multi-family properties at market rates and lower overall costs to improve cash flow. SPL's laser-focused knowledge of individual submarkets, cutting-edge – vertical integration approach allows the delivery of consistent, risk-adjusted returns, regardless of greater market cycles. SPL's strength is further enhanced by its principal's unique mixture of perspectives and experience, along with a deep understanding of local rental housing-related statutes. We continue to focus on maximizing property's value through consulting while mitigating risks and promoting valuable improvements.

We believe in teaching others

How to gain financial independence through finding the best real estate deals at the best prices. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for clients' consulting and real estate needs.

Our core values consist of being obsessed over client's success. We are 100% devoted to achieving results when finding properties that have great potential. Additionally, we focus on being efficient; no process is perfect, so even small improvements can create big results. We know how to waste less and build more streamlined systems.

We believe in having fun, being down to earth, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We are in this together, so let's have fun along the way. It is also important to be humble, dependable, and honest; be on time, be realistic, and candid, which will help build a lasting relationship. We believe these attributes help us stand out from our competitors.

Seller Properties, LLC